Nadja Maria Andersson



Born 1991, Helsinki, Finland,

Based in Helsinki, Finland.


f: Nadja Andersson- Illustrations

Instagram: nadjaanderssonillustration







  • 2011-2014 University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, United Kingdom. Fine Art, BA degree. First Class.

  • 2010-2011 Västra Nylands Folkhögskola, Karis, Finland. Foundation in Arts and Crafts.

  • 2007-2010 Tölö Specialiseringsgymnasium, Helsinki, Finland. Art specialised college.



Illustration jobs


  • 2019- Alter Ego. Comic (text and image) for En Liten Bok, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2018-  Cover design for Doctoral Thesis, Jenny Stenberg Sirén, Nordica Helsingensia, Finland. 

  • 2017- Illustrations and text for Hönans Kalas, Published by Schildts&Söderströms, Helsinki, Finland.

  • 2016- Illustrations for international science project ClimeFish, Norges Arktiske Universitet, UiT, Norway.

  • 5.1.2016- Illustration/profile picture for Grafta**e Creations.

  • 2015- Illustration for Cod's impact on Barents Sea marine science study, UiT, Norway.

  • 2015- Book cover and vignettes for poetry collection Den Brinnande Vargen, Schildts&Söderströms in collaboration with Duvteatern, Helsinki, Finland.

  • 2014- Illustrations for book project LILLA BÄ!? En Bä-Bäblisk Berättelse with author

       Christina Andersson, Helsinki, Finland.​



Solo Exhibitions

  • 2-21.2.2019: Galleria Frida, Helsinki. ​​

  • 13-26.8.2018- CRY WOLF, Listhus Artspace Gallery, Olafsfjördur, Iceland.

  • August 2016- Climefish Project Art exhibition, Galleri NORD, Tromsø, Norway.

  • 10-12.5.2016- Climefish Project Art exhibition, Kystens Hus, Tromsø, Norway.

  • 1-31.3.2016- Artist of the month, Lilla Luckan- centre for children and families , Helsinki, Finland.

  • 7-15.11.2015- Sagospår Solo exhibition and book release with Christina Andersson, Galleria Bengelsdorff, Helsinki, Finland

  • 31.10-22.11.2015- MoccaMeaow Solo exhibition of drawings at Cat Café Helsinki (Helkatti), Finland.


Group Exhibitions

  • 1.12.2018-10.1.2019- Fridan Joulu, Galleria Frida, Helsinki.

  • 27.7-14.8.2018- Draumur w. Maria Palusova, Kaffi Klara, Olafsfjördur, Iceland. 

  • 2-27.7.2018- Locale Art Collective exhibition, Glad Café Glasgow, Scotland. 

  • 17.2-2.3.2018- Liminality exhibition, Locale Art Collective, CASS ART, Glasgow, Scotland.

  • 2017- Locale Art Collective Annual Exhibition, Govanhill Baths, Glasgow, Scotland/ Illustrations exhibited at Richardsgatans Bibliotek, Helsinki, Finland. 

  • 2016- Moving On exhibition, Locale Art Collective, The Old Hairdressers/ Six Foot Gallery's annual Winter Exhibition, Glasgow, Scotland.

  • 28.8-28.9.2015- Locale Art Collective Opening Show, Glasgow, Scotland.

  • 2014- UCA Degree Show, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, England.

  • 2013- Page Turner group exhibition at Turner Contemporary/ Redthreadtrail w. Rachael Murray/Jennifer Wright, CRATE Gallery, Margate, England.

  • 2012- Bildkalaset Group exhibition of Illustrations, Galleria Karelia, Ekenäs, Finland.

  • 2011- Midtnordisk Kunstfestival Group Exhibition, Inderøy, Norway/ Västra Nylands Folkhögskola annual spring exhibition, Galleria Fokus, Karis, Finland/ Get a Life w. Västra Nylands Folkhögskola, Sanomatalo/Exhibition w. Pernilla Arola/ Sonja Yrjölä, Café Espresso Edge, Helsinki, Finland.

  • 2010- Exhibition of final piece, Tölö Specialiseringsgymnasium, Sandelshuset, Helsinki, Finland.


1.6-1.9.2018 Listhus Residency, Olafjsjördur, Iceland

21.2-7.3.2018 Locale Art Collective Artist Residency, Glasgow, Scotland

15.1-12.2.2018 Casa Na Ilha, Ilhabela Island, Brazil.

Prizes and Scholarships


2018 kuvittajat ry, 700€ for funding work computer.

2018 Eugene Elisabeth& Birgit Nygréns Stiftelse, 2000€ granted for exhibition.

2018 Svenska Kulturfonden- Lise och Thelma Standertskjölds fond II, 1500€ Travel funding.

2018 Svenska Kulturfonden, 4000€ project funding award for book project.

2018 Stiftelsen Finlandssvensk Bokkultur, 1000€ project funding award for book project.

2016 Svenska Kulturfonden Nylands Kulturfond, 3000€ project funding award for book project.

2013 Further Education/Age+18 Pageturner annual online competition Winner.

2011 Senjaopettaa Etsii Kuvittajaa- Illustration competition Winner.

2011 Eugene Elisabeth& Birgit Nygréns Stiftelse. 500€ granted for exhibition.



Kuvittajat Ry (link to website)

FIBUL (link to website)

Locale Art Collective (link to website)

Climefish (link to website)


Teaching Experience

26.10.2018- Workshop at Helsinki Bookfare with Kuvittajat.ry

21.3.2018- Artist Talk at UCA Canterbury, Kent, UK.

21.3.2018- Workshop with students at UCA Canterbury, Kent, UK.

24.2.2018- Workshop at Cass Art, Glasgow, UK.

2017- "Kultur i Skolan" at Mattliden Gymnasium, Espoo.

Substitute Art teaching at Tölö Gymnasium, Helsinki and Mattliden Gymnasium, Espoo.

Substitute teaching at children's After-school Art classes, Helsinki.

2017- Colibri Festivaali. Kulttuuritalo Caisa, Helsinki and Colibri Festivaali, Entresse library, Espoo.

Other Work Experience


2016- Sommarøy Arctic Resort- Waitress and kitchen staff, Hillesøya, Norway.

2015- Day Today- Shop Assistant, Tollcross, Glasgow, Scotland.

2015- Nisa Local- Shop Assistant, Springburn shopping centre, Glasgow, Scotland.

2015- One Up Indian restaurant- Waitress, Dumbarton, Scotland.

2014- Stiftelsen Trygga Åldringsbostäder- Carer at home for elderly, Helsinki, Finland.

2012- Sund Folkehøgskole- Cleaning and kitchen assistant, Inderøy, Norway.

2012- Sund Folkehøgskole- temporarily in charge of orders for cleaning supplies,

temporarily in charge of organising timetable for cleaning crew, Inderøy, Norway.

2011- Sund Folkehøgskole- Cleaning and kitchen assistant, Inderøy, Norway.

2010- Brita Maria Renlunds Daghem, Childcare, Finland.


Language skills


Swedish- Mother tongue

Finnish- Fluent

English- Fluent

Norwegian(Bokmål)- Good

French- Basic

Danish- Basic 

Learning Greek language(Modern greek)


Computer skills





2010 - present

2010 - present

Online Portfolio

Nadja Andersson


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